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GRAYshape pre-mix, gray
HPC pre-mix Everything included, just add water Very good workability Compr. Strength up to 80MPa
From 1.200,00 € 3
GRAYshape pre-mix, white
HPC pre-mix Everything included, just add water Very good workability Compr. Strength up to 80MPa
From 1.200,00 € 3


myUHPC pre-mix, gray
myUHPC pre-mix color: gray up to 230MPa compressive strength
From 1.338,83 € 3

UHPC add-on

Add-On for UHPC, pre-mixed color: gray up to 230MPa compressive strength, depending on your raw-materials Comes with free UHPC formulations, based on standard raw-materials Represents 15% to 20% of your UH ... (Read More)
From 40,00 € 3


BYO - Bring Your Own Mold Workshop
Test our myUHPC pre-mix and bring your own molds. - Get an indroduction and instruction - Discussions on your ideas, products, molds - Production of your samples in our lab   The workshop is once a quarter. You ... (Read More)
119,00 € 3
Service PLUS - consulting
myUHPC.com services are inclunding: consultancy for usage of myUHPC pre-mix in your facilities consultancy on workflow, molds, post treatment, ... consultancy on application for your products myUHPC material ... (Read More)
From 4.165,00 € 3


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