about myUHPC.com

why another concrete pre-mix? As research & development company for cement bonded high-tech materials we realized more than 120 UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) projects worldwide since the company started. Mostely individual and special developed UHPC's for different applications. More and more inquiries showed us, that there is a need for a good, cost-effective and simple to use UHPC pre-mix, all over the world. Simple enough, we dicided to produce, deliver and support exaclty this.

We have choosen the best raw-materials and developed an uhpc pre-mix with the best mechanical properties, the best performance and the highest sustainability you can get on the market.


myUHPC and GRAYshape are a simple solutions for everybody who want to start working with this new kind of concrete but also for midsize or large companies that won't accept long development times and high development costs.

myUHPC is using the Quantz(R) technology developed by the german company G.tecz (German technologies and engineering concreptz). G.tecz is a research and development company, specialized on cement bonded high-tech materials. Quantz(R) is the next generation of the cement bonded materials and belongs to the class of ultra high performance concrete.

G.tecz, founded by Dr. Thomas Teichmann and Dr. Gregor Zimmermann does have a long lasting experience and reputation with UHPC developments and projects all over the world.


myUHPC pro

individual pre-mix solutions

You want to use your own sand and other local aggregates? With myUHPC pro we can offer you to adapt the myUHPC binder to your own, local raw-materials.


We can offer you to develop your individual myUHPC premix with your local sand or aggregates - worldwide exclusive.


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myUHPC business

individual developments & technology transfer


We can offer you to develop your own UHPC technology and Know-How - worldwide exclusive - only for you, for your application, for your production facilities.


The volume of concrete you are producing is extremely high and you are interested to have your own UHPC know-how in your company? We can develop your own UHPC technology with your own local raw-materials, for your production facilities and for your material-requirements. We will transfer the technology of producing and working with UHPC directly into your company and will support you from the first step on.


Also material costs per unit will decrease dramatically and the margin of your products will be much higher compared to pre-mix solutions.


  • Be owner of the UHPC technology
  • Usage of your local raw-materials and production facilities
  • Individual high-tech UHPC, developed for your applications
  • Cost-effective UHPC. Prize reductions up to 5-times
  • High Sustainability. Reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Technology Leadership in your business

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