What is UHPC?

UHPC is the acronym for 'ultra high performance concrete', in Germany, the material is called UHFB - Ultra Hochfester Beton.

UHPC is the new generation of concretes . Per definition the class of UHPC starts with strength of 120MPa. Our definition is different - it is HIGH PERFORMANCE. We do use our HIGH DEFINITION CONCRETE MATRIX to realize high strength, high flexural strength, high density as well as further positive advantages. The possible outstanding mechanical properties are a huge step compared to regular concretes:


UHPC advantages

> developed with good and cost-effecive raw materials
> perfect workability
> adaptable from clay-like to self compacting
> high compressive strength
> high flexural strength
> low porosity, no capillary pores
> cost-effective
> sustainable
> available: worldwide


UHPC design possibilities

> all kind of colors - also snow-white and dark gray
> from very rough surfaces to a high glossy self-cleaning finish
> no additional coatings are needed
> no limits for forms and shapes
> unit thickness from 2 mm up to meters



  • Structural elements: walls, beams, girders, ...
  • Pre-Cast Elements
  • Pre-Cast Bridge Constructions, ...
  • Infrastructure: Pipes, ...
  • Floor Systems, Tiles, ...
  • Interior and exterior facade panels
  • Interior Design
  • ...