concrete pre-mix & add-on offers you simple but individual pre-mix and add-on solutions for ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) and high performance concrete (HPC) - the next generation of concretes. We have chosen the best ingredients to offer you the most powerful, cost-effective, sustainable and simple to use UHPC and HPC pre-mix.

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Grayshape & UHPC PRE-MIX


Full mix with High Quality.

Competitive low price.

All Inclusive Dry-Mix ...


Everything is included - just add water.
Easy to use. High strength. Perfect results.


Pre-configured easy ADD-ON ...


Create with our pre-configured ADD-ONplus mixture and your own raw materials a cost-effective and high quality UHPC.


Tailored UHPC ADD-ONpro

Individual UHPC ADD-ON ...

Based on your local materials.

Easy to use. High strength. Perfect results.


  • 85% to 94% local raw materials
  • approx. 15% ADD-ONplus powder
  • approx. 20% to 30% savings. 
  • Easy processing
  • Higher mech. properties
  • 85% local materials.
  • 6% to 15% ADD ON Mix
  • Cost effective UHPC - approx. 30% less expensive.
  • Low transportation costs.
  • One-time payment for the adaption - no surprises.

>> I have to say the material is absolutely amazing!!  We never came across such a workable and strong concrete. <<


Designer & Founder of ARDOMA Design & Creation