technical UHPC specifications

Technical parameters of myUHPC

- compressive strength: up to 230 MPa with fibers (Fibers are not included!)

- compressive strength: 180MPa (28d) with high energy mixer

- compressive strength: 120MPa - 150MPa (28d) with simple compulsory mixer or planetary mixer

- flexural strength (matrix): up to 19 MPa with high energy mixer
- flexural strength (reinforced) 5 – 75 MPa

- fracture energy 50 - 90 kN/m
- possible unit thickness >  5 mm

- carbonating 1.5 mm after 3 years
- chloride-diffusion: no capillary pores, not measurable with standard methods 
- water resistance: no capillary pores, not measurable with standard methods
- frost-resistance < 100 g/m2 
- dispersion up to 80 cm 
- shrinkage 1 - 1.5 ‰
- crack width << 0.1 mm

- weight 2.300 kg/m3


REMARK: the mechanical characteristics depend on appropriate mixing, processing and after-treatment. We require a high energy mixer to achieve the specified characteristics.


Range of material properties

Why the range of mechanical properties? myUHPC is a cement bonded high-tech material and optimized in it's nano scale. Depending on mixing technology, mixing time, humidity, treatment, storage a.s.o the mechanical properties can vary.


When using myUHPC pre-mix, we will give you a first introduction into our material. Our structural engineers and material scientists will also support you with technical support; please see our service offers.


Advantage of myUHPC

The advantage of myUHPC is: You can vary the final production and treatment based on the myUHPC pre-mix. Make it stiffer, more fluid, add fibers, add pigments, ..... The sky is the limit.